CEIMM kick-off meeting was successfully held in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

December 6, 2012



updated 12/6/2013

The first meeting of the CEIMM Team showed great promise for collaboration among a number of groups across the country.  In spite of minor disagreements the integration of diverse thought seems to be on a guided and fruitful path by a host of some of the brightest minds. The meeting spanned two days of communication; with the first day briefing the interest of several collaborators and the second comprising discussion.  The real meat of the kick off was the discussions which revealed the real challenge going forward for CEIMM, that is, the plethora of procedural methods used in model development and experiment design that are to be gathered under one umbrella.  The way in which a new integrated methodology will be developed will be the most debated and the success of the debate will be the rise or fall of a new way of thinking about materials.







Center for Excellence on Integrated Materials Modeling