Mission & Objectives





Develop novel, fundamental approaches in theoretical, computational and experimental methods for advancing the state-of-the-art in science and technology of ICMSE related fields without being material-specific. The strategy will be to identify the limitations of current approaches and undertake initiatives towards significantly enhanced capabilities by introducing validated physics-based modeling at the appropriate length and time scales.



Create an infrastructure for multi-faceted integration across disciplines, material classes, scales, processing and performance, involving innovative experimental and computational methods. This activity will also engage collaborative teams from academia, AFRL, and industry in complimentary tasks leading to the overall goals.



Utilize the multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional platform for educating a new generation of engineering workforce with a holistic approach to problem solving in the ICMSE theme. CEIMM graduates will have far-reaching vision and knowledge to effectively overcome scientific issues facing the Air Force’s research environment.

Center for Excellence on Integrated Materials Modeling