CEIMM-AFRL Workshop on June 11-12, 2013

June 25, 2013

tec edge


CEIMM-AFRL workshop was held in June 11-12 at the Tec^Edge in Dayton, OH. Researchers in AFRL and faculty and students from the academia were brought together to firm up the initial model-driven experiments and develop the research plans for the Center of Excellence on Integrated Materials Modeling, CEIMM.


Over the two days of the workshop, a great deal of progress was made. On the first day, the AFRL shared their perspective on collaboration with the academic team. Researchers working in the various fields, from data acquisition to material performance experiment, presented their status and challenges they are working to overcome. On the second day, CEIMM academic team presented their expertise and plans for the future collaboration with AFRL and also the universities. Intensive discussions were made in how to make on integrated effort to bring together the different aspects of the research with respect to the materials, techniques, and priorities.



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