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CEIMM is a multi-institutional research and education consortium, including the following members,

[column size=third position=first ] [heading title=”Academia”]

[font_icon icon=bookmark-empty font_size=16px color=#000]  The Johns Hopkins University (lead)

[font_icon icon=bookmark-empty font_size=16px color=#000]  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

[font_icon icon=bookmark-empty font_size=16px color=#000]  University of California, Santa Barbara


[/column] [column size=third position=middle ] [heading title=”Air Force Laboratories”] [font_icon icon=plane font_size=16px color=#000]  Metals and Composites & Hybrid Materials branches at AFRL /RX at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton

[/column] [column size=third position=last ] [heading title=”Industry”] [font_icon icon=check font_size=16px color=#000]  Pratt& Whitney

[font_icon icon=check font_size=16px color=#000]  GE Aviation

[font_icon icon=check font_size=16px color=#000]  Lockheed-Martin

[font_icon icon=check font_size=16px color=#000]  Boeing

[font_icon icon=check font_size=16px color=#000]  Simpleware

[font_icon icon=check font_size=16px color=#000] Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation


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CEIMM is creating a collaborative research and educational program to foster foundational advances in computational and experimental methodologies, supporting the Integrated Computational Materials Science & Engineering or ICMSE theme.


The “Unite and Conquer” philosophy will prevail in CEIMM for developing ubiquitous methods, transcending material classes and scales. Three guiding principles will drive the CEIMM mission:

  1. Innovation of novel, groundbreaking approaches in theoretical, computational and experimental methods for advancing the ICMSE related fields,
  2. Integration across disciplines, material classes, scales, processing and performance, and
  3. Multidisciplinary Education for training a new generation of materials workforce. Strategic partnerships with AFRL as well as industrial partners, and national labs will be a cornerstone of developments.




Center for Excellence on Integrated Materials Modeling