Entrepreneurship & Management

Entrepreneurship & Management minor

Whether you are a student in the Whiting School, the Krieger School of Arts and
Sciences, the Bloomberg School of Public Heath, or the Peabody Institute, the Entrepreneurship & Management (E&M) program offers a broad array of courses designed to equip you to lead enterprises in any field as well as launch, market, and manage your own business efforts.

Some students take only a course or two, according to their interests, while others choose to pair the seven-course E&M minor with their engineering, liberal arts, or public health major. The minor’s three core courses – Introduction to Business, Financial Accounting and Principles of Marketing – provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of entrepreneurial enterprises. Students then may select any three upper-level courses (along with required work in statistics) to complete the minor, or to elect to concentrate further in Accounting and Finance, Business Law, Marketing, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, or Professional Communication.

Academic programs are bolstered by a robust set of experiential programs including internships, competitions, and many opportunities to participate in business related student groups and student run businesses. The Center also supports students entering FastForward, the Whiting School’s new start-up business accelerator. Starting in Fall 2013, new programs aimed at PhD students will begin.