Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering?

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Our students and faculty operate on the cutting edge between science and engineering, exploring innovative applications such as robotics and human-machine interactions, micro- and nano-scale engineered devices and materials, energy and the environment, aerospace and machine systems, and biology and medicine.

Why Hopkins?

Our graduates emerge from the mechanical engineering program prepared to face today’s rapidly and ever-changing technological environment. Traditional mechanical engineering coursework is complemented by hands-on laboratories and design-build-test projects every semester, in which our students apply and further develop the practical knowledge and skills of our profession. In our year-long senior design capstone course, students work in small teams to tackle unique and specific design challenges presented by government, industry, and non-profit organizations. Our students also have opportunities to work in research laboratories with our faculty in areas ranging from nano-scale engineering to bio-inspired robotics to computational engineering and space systems.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers two undergraduate majors: Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. Visit our website to learn more about the differences between each major and what makes our program unique.

Want to know more about our full-time programs? Visit the Department of Mechanical Engineering website.

What Can You Do With Your Degree?

Our mechanical engineering graduates find opportunities in a variety of fields, including aerospace, robotics, nanotechnology, particle technology, power generation, manufacturing, automotive, biomechanics, and more. They are in great demand in both academia and industry.

Part-Time Programs

Engineering for Professional’s Mechanical Engineering part-time graduate program for practicing engineers broadens and strengthens students’ understandings of traditional mechanical engineering fundamentals, and also introduces them to cutting edge applications and technologies. Courses are offered with three optional focus areas: Mechanics, Manufacturing, and Robotics and Controls.