Prof. George Z. Voyiadjis’s Visit on March 12th 2015.

Prof. Somnath Ghosh was the faculty host for Prof. George Z. Voyiadjis, the invited speaker for the CE-CISMMS Graduate Seminar. The audience included members of the three Engineering departments; Civil, Mechanical and Materials Science. Click here.



Preparing his talk with the help of our graduate student rep and the audio visual technician.



Audience filling up the Hackerman B-17 auditorium prior to his talk.



Prof. Voyiadjis giving his talk.


Prof. Voyiadjis met with several faculty members through out the day and spent some time with Prof. Ghosh’s research group in Latrobe Hall.



Discussion with members of Prof. Ghosh’s research group.



Dr. Yan Azdoud presenting his work to the group.



Concluding the meeting with a group photo.




Center for Excellence on Integrated Materials Modeling